When It Comes To Convenience, CardXplorer is WhatYou Need!

You will examine your cards growth rate, price fluctuation, and pricing based on condition and sport

You will get to talk and interact with your friends about each card listing and the hottest cards in the market.

This is a vault that stores all your cards in a convenient location.

You will be provided information on where the card was previously listed, the price of the listing, and price listing comparisons.

You will access everything from profile to feedback option.

Scan your cards and start you journey towards navigating the app.

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We are an easy to use app that provides the services that every card collector is looking for. So download our app to experience the services this app has to offer.


Community Feature that unites all sports card collectors 

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Contact us at anytime with questions, feedback, and other information.

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Low-cost service that is affordable for all types of card collectors

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