If users want share what information they found about their cards from the cross-reference tab, how they like the app, want to interact with friends/others, and want to discuss the prices of their cards or other cards they researched then they can explore the community tab. 

The community tab will allow users to see what their friends are posting online, and which friends are online. 

The interface of the tab will be divided into two columns with the left column showcasing the user’s profile and their friends while the right side will be the forum side where users can see others post and write posts as well.

In the friends’ column there will be a search bar so users can search their friends or other users. 

Also, in the friends’ column there will be a button (plus button) next to each friend that will allow the users to see their friends’ collection

In the forum side there will be a drop-down option which will allow users to sort which posts they see (their friends or all users on the app).