Market Data

Once users have decided to go forward and purchase the subscription package, the main feature they will be able to explore is the market report tab. 

This tab will show price fluctuation updates of the graded or ungraded card the user intends to find more information about. 

There will be a sort option on the interface where users can first click graded or ungraded and from there a list of options will drop down. 

If a user clicks the graded option for the market report there will be a dropdown option where the consumer can select what grading service (PSA, BGS, SGC) the card was graded off and it will list the fluctuations (like the stock market) on certain graded cards (probably conditions 7-10). 

After clicking graded or ungraded the user will have to click on the year, modern or vintage, and sport. 

If the user wants to find the specific pricing graph of a card or a type of card, they will have to click on the various filters to generate a report. 

The interface will include two buttons side by side that read graded or ungraded followed by options called brand where they must click what brand the card is, then click the grading service (if clicked on graded option), how old the card is, and the sport. 

After clicking all those options, a graph will generate at the bottom of the screen with a breakdown of the card statistics.